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Often I'll start a painting never having a clue where it will end up, but I think thats what makes drawing and painting a thrill for me! For the most part my subject matter comes from my vivid imagination, childhood, and life experiences!I love mythology and Egyptian art, which is also an inspiration. I primarily work in acrylics, but watercolors and pastels are also favorite mediums.I love to manipulate colors and experiment using all sorts of "non-traditional" color combinations. I usually try to break all the rules and hope for successful results. As for "my style", well I've never liked labels because I believe they create boundaries which may limit ones progression as an artist. As soon as you categorize me as "fine arts", I'll change and become a "surrealist", then sometimes I'm a "fantasy artist", you may call me that, but I also enjoy doing abstracts!It really depends on my mood. Whether its painting colorful landscapes, or my first love, comic book art,I'll always try to "push the envelope" as I try to create that elusive masterpiece! I have so many ideas swirling around in my head. I'm just glad that ArtWanted is here to give artist as myself an opportunity to share those ideas! Hope you enjoy viewing my art as well as I enjoy creating it...........Steve

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