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Hello and welcome to Searlait Galleries! :) My name is Carrie Ann Watson. I live near Westcliffe, Colorado. I have always loved to do any type of art available to me since I can remember, although I am still learning new techniques every day! If I have a pencil and a piece of paper I am happy! While drawing in pencil is by far my favorite, you will eventually see everything here from photography to oil paintings and everything in between...I hope you enjoy all the different pieces I will share on this site! Thank you for visiting, and most of my work displayed here will be available in prints to anyone interested! Don't forget to check out the other products that you can get featuring my work! :)

Carrie Ann / Searlait

I have been a pround ArtWanted Artist since May 2006!!!

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Carrie Ann McClure

Carrie Ann Watson

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