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Self Portrait

I am a self-taught artist, born in Louisville, KY and remain here today. I was a child of the fifties and much of the inspiration for my art comes from my memories of neighborhoods, friends and family of that wonderful era. The fifties were full of bright colors and some of those colors would show up in the oddest places. I remember one Christmas my father bought us a pink Christmas tree and we decorated it with blue lights and blue glass ball ornaments. It was a real tree and not artificial which added to the magic. Therefore, color has intrigued me since an early age.

Christmas is one of my favorite seasons and each year I paint a collection of Christmas paintings on wood plaques. I create them from my memories of the delightful greeting cards my family would receive. They were like small pieces of art and each one was as unique as the person who sent it. My plaques make fantastic gifts and my friends and family look forward to seeing them each year. I adore cats and enjoy painting them. Their many different moods intrigue and inspire me. I have a house full of feline friends so I am never at a loss for inspiration.

I enjoy painting from old black and white photographs of places, family and friends. We all have a way of rewriting our own history and painting is mine. I am one of the fortunate people who dream in color and I put those colorful dreams and memories in my paintings. I have mentioned just a few of the things in my life that inspire me to paint but with each passing day, the list continues to grow.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my art.

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