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06 Apr, 2008

I made a couple minor revisions to my painting "A Meeting of the Minds". I uploaded it again but I am not happy with the photo yet. I hope to upload a new one that better represents the contrasts in the painting in the next day or so.

Remember: "Boredom is the lull between ideas."


04 Apr, 2008

I have uploaded a revised painting I just completed and varnished. Also I am happy to announce my book, Bound by Hatred, is now available on Amazon. Have a great day and thanks for checking in!!


02 Apr, 2008

I am thrilled to say I have the first copy of my book "Bound by Hatred" in hand!! Words can't express how I feel. I hope you will check out my official website for Bound by Hatred at Have a wonderful day!


30 Mar, 2008

I designed a website for my book Bound by Hatred. It is at I hope you will check it out.

I have taken an artistic break but have some ideas I hope to implement in the coming week.


29 Mar, 2008

My book is officially for sale and the following is my link to the publisher's website:

My website also has a link to the publisher's website. I hope you will check it out. I am hoping to do a website solely for my book and I will post it in my blog once I have done so. Have a wonderful weekend!


11 Mar, 2008

Well it is official, my book "Bound by Hatred" is in print and should be done in a couple of months!! I am thrilled and just approved the cover, which I think is excellent.

I have just revised a painting and then finished a brand new one. I hope to upload both in the next few days.

I hope you will check back. Have a good day.


09 Mar, 2008

I haven't posted for a while but then not much has been happening. I did get a glimmer of inspiration though and so I will be working on a new painting and revising a current one. Once the paint flows, it usually doesn't take long for my visions to come to fruition. I posted some paintings last week to Artist Rising online. Have a wonderful week!


07 Feb, 2008

Had a minor setback so I am only halfway through my next piece. I hope to finish in the next few days. But here is my poetic thought for the day:


Peer closely,

Acknowledge my presence.

Don’t overlook me,

I’m not invisible.

Give me consideration,

I’m not nameless!

By Shelley Walden


26 Jan, 2008

My new pieces on exhibit in Full Moon Art Gallery for the February Opening are now listed on my website. I have put my bigger paintings onto a new online gallery website, it is and I can be found by doing a quick search by inputing Shelley Walden. Have a good day and thanks for checking in.


19 Jan, 2008

I have been furiously working on paintings for the Full Moon Art Gallery. I have to take in my new ones next weekend for the Gallery opening in February. I also just complete a new piece for a postcard that will be put out for the gallery next month. I hope to upload that piece later. Thanks for checking in and I hope you revisit!