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©Natasha Bonham 2102


Anonymous Guest

Tim Linville 07 Mar 2014

Maybe the Enabler Should Be Asked a Few Questions...I like "Society" Holding This Scene Up.Very Potent Additive!

Calvin McFarlane 26 Jul 2012

i have often felt like that stuffing myself on my bed watching the tube while my "support" group awaits my call.....HA. wait on. mmarffmph!

Beatrix Jahn 25 Jul 2012

Speaks a lot - a really nice one, Natasha!

Charles Jones 25 Jul 2012

Ah, this has a lot a meaning, but I'm not sure 'Judy' would appreciate most of it, Natasha. :) Unhappy people may eat themselves fat, but at least this lady has lots of underlying support. Yet some unseen entity keeps plying her with more of what she should partake of less. :) Nice sense of story.

Artist Reply: Thank you so much for your thoughts. It's really gratifying to know that someone out there gets it (: