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Here's the original sketch of this idea with color added. I used watercolor, India ink brush pen and gel pen. Image area is 3.5 by 6.5 inches. Original Jones Art.


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curtis wood 04 Sep 2013

i like the all seeing eye. reminds me of our perception of our environment and what our eyes miss completely. nice work.

Artist Reply: Our physical eyes are so easily deceived, Curtis. They confuse beauty with worth and cannot penetrate the flimsiest surface. Thus they are not the most trustworthy of input devices. But that being said: I'd still like to have a new set. ;)

Chris Roukema 04 Sep 2013

And My Eyes have turned to blanks. I forget what song that is from, & that's what popped into My Mind! Another Fantastic Work of Art, Charles!!!!!!!!!!!! Please fill Me in a bit as always! This one is over My Head! ( Pun ) ;-)

Artist Reply: The song is Pocahontas from Rust Never Sleeps by N. Young, Chris. This is one of those unconscious images that wells up occasionally---well, more than occasionally for me, it seems. Maybe if we could see through our third-eye, we'd have little need for the other two? :)