The story of the dragon who ate the goldfish, amateur art, naive artwork

185X90 cm. The annual gathering in the High Meadow of the most powerful and important inhabitants of the Fantasy World always attracts great attention from the inhabitants of our world. I was glad that the magician Cyril Boom was making my company because I knew that such events considered him less important than last year's snow. - People don't even think about how much suffering and effort these "most important characters" had to put in just to be accepted into this "elite society of the most famous people" of the Fantasy World. Joining this society requires a lot of work and money. Of course, now comes the fierce struggle and fear of losing their position - the old wizard told me as we watched from one elevation the foremost creatures of the Fantasy World. There were all kinds, they were pushing in the High Meadow, enjoyed the views of the crowd, flashing cameras, skillfully taking poses in front of cameras, emphasizing their importance. Suddenly there, behind the second hill, he heard, first silently, so on louder, the sound of fanfare and flickering sky, which attracts the attention of the crowd. - You never know what's moving behind the hill - said the wizard Cyril Bum with a smile, comfortably nestled in the root of an old tree. We first saw the gold stars as they spray over the hill, and a huge tentacle and the head of a creature. "It's the Djuro dragon," said the old wizard, "I told you about him, my boy." I remember that story - it goes like this: Dragon Djuro was known for his willingness to help everyone, most enjoyed helping fishermen catch as many fish as possible, he would swim skillfully and forced the fish into their nets. He was good, they say, and a bit naive, so no wonder his popularity was high. And the dragon Djuro was happy with his life. On one occasion, according to the fisherman, a goldfish was found in his mouth, along with other fish. The goldfish shouted: - I'm a goldfish, let me go, I'll fulfill your three wishes! Whether Djuro did not hear this cry or did not care is unknown, but simply swallowed what was in his mouth. Later, he appeared every few decades, in various locations, behind it remained grains of gold, clearly unnecessary to him. As he passed the High Meadow, all great and prominent beings disappeared in his shadow, only their eyes could be discerned in the dark full of awe, envy, and misery. Spraying gold, the Djuro dragon slowly passed, perhaps unaware of where he was, radiating great pleasure, as before when he was fishing.

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