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What makes us what we are? This has been a question rattling around for centuries. It is a philosophical and anthropomorphic question, I think. Some say our environment shapes us. This is the nature side of 'nature or nurture.' Some say it's our upbringing. That's the 'nurture' side of it. I guess genetics might fall into that as well. Obviously, genetics plays an important role in a lot of things, seen and unseen. But today, we seem to be vessels that can never be satiated. For such a small creature, man has so much difficulty being filled. This is the companion piece to "Holding My Ground' and was drawn just after it on the same evening. This is a 5.75 by 4 inch gel pen drawing on medium bond acid-free paper. Is this Original Jones Art? There's a guy still cogitating over this in northwest Austin, Texas.

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John D Marano 07 Jan 2020

Nice; very evocative concept!

Artist Reply: Thank you, John! I've been a bit under the weather with allergies lately so eyes are worse than usual. Hope you are having a great start to what promises to be an interesting New Year. :)