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Chariot from the Morbidly Adorable Tarot

Meet the Chariot from the Morbidly Adorable Tarot! The Chariot card is about determination, willpower, and journeys. As you travel in a new direction, your attention may be pulled in many others. The Chariot helps you reign in your focus and take action! Follow through is important. It’s time to push past the challenges and claim your victory! . The big eye girl remains calm as she accomplishes her task. She has found a way to bring her fluffballs with her on the Sweet Chariot! Her wheelchair (wheelchariot?!) and her pink yarn hair are powerful forces! (When I hear the words “Sweet Chariot,” I usually hear Courtney Love singing “Swing low, sweet cherry” from Hole’s song “Awful”!) . I always knew I was going to paint cats for the Chariot card. The idea that something difficult is like “herding cats” rings true. The cats signify the challenges and scattered focus the Charioteer needs to contain. All of the kitties depicted here are ones I have already painted and/or I have been lucky enough to be their guardian. .

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