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It's funny how looking forward always entails a bit of looking back. This is a 7 by 5.5 inches gel pen drawing with color pencil. I've been looking over old manuscripts and found a few items that took me back to the early 80's. I wonder what I would do differently if I were the me I am now and could go back? Only Original Jones Art knows for sure and he isn't talking here in northwest Austin, Texas.

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Ginger Lovellette 09 Jun 2021

Me too! I wonder if the me now would do things differently in the 80's. Really like the way you make your noses. Also love the color shades you use.

Artist Reply: We're the same yet different depending upon our age and life experiences. I think about 'the path not taken' every once in a while but there's no point to it, really. You've bought your ticket and you're stuck with the ride you're on. I'm still playing with the new color pencils, Ginger and what works best with that crazy 'new' scanner of mine. :)