One day I was watching Aliens, Predator ,and AVP things and It just make me get so inspired. I love those franchise to start with ,but gosh getting exposed to those franchises again just pouring art juice on me to get me so inspired to create as you this art piece. I wanted to have minime alien coming out of adult aline chest instead of cliche baby alien coming to make it different than what people expect. I just wish I had Artist grade color pencils instead of student grade I used on my color pencil art pieces, but soon or later I want to get artists quality color pencils. I am dying to try Polychronos color pencils. It is oil based color pencils. I been using wax based,but polychronos are expensive even more so than Prismacolors. If i want to save money and i gotten this brand before . It is Staedler triangle coloe pencils. They sell this stadeler color pencils of 48 colors for $13 at walmart.com. I might get that one I dunno. I do wana get Polychronos if not prismacolor but anyways Here is the art work using shitty color pencils. It seems like this scan looks better than my originals cuz i scan it and bring it to Photo impression software that came with the scanner to boost a bit of contrast cuz if u did not know student grade color pencils have less pigementations and more white fillers so u cannot make dark really nice dark or hightlight really nice strong highlight like artist quality color pencils can bring. DONE 2022 WITH STUDENT GRADE COLOR PENCIL ON 11X17 BRISTOL ORIGINAL ART $160+S/H AND I AM OPEN FOR COMMISSION COLOR PENCIL OR LEAD PENCIL WORK. SIZE RANGE FROM 8.5X11, 9X12, 11X14, 11X17 COMMISSION RATE STARTS FROM $20 AND UP. LEAVE COMMENT OR [email protected] I AM SELLING MY ORIGINAL ART. I have my 2023 Wall calendar up for sale $19.95 with my artworks through Artwanted.com art community website. Click or copy&paste the link below and would be appreciated if you can support me on the calendar https://www.artwanted.com/artist.cfm?ArtID=115637&Tab=Calendar

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