Oracle of Time

or the way back to the roots . time is relativ. *INSIDE TO OUTSIDE* thanks for thoughts & feelings my friends. Pencilwork painter PS7 Wacom Tablet Time & Thoughts , printed on Canvas 35x35 inches copyrights by G.Scharff


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lendl dale 01 Jan 2007

i like the duo tones of colors very meaningful and distracting it really reflects

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 03 Oct 2005

what a beautifull light in this work and the subject represents so good what I think.. GREAT!!!!!

Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 02 Oct 2005

Hello Gregor! How are you? Wonderful image. Mysterious and enigmatic. Beautiful effects. Magical piece of work! Love it!

Jim Wombacher 02 Oct 2005

Wow >>all of this is really beautifully executed stuff! Bravo!!

Jessica Hughes 29 Sep 2005

This is a gorgeous piece. Everything comes together nicely. Wonderful textures, golden tones, subject... it's all wonderful!

Angel Estevez 04 Sep 2005

Very expressive artwork amd beautiful concept. Congratulations !

Iain Robinson 20 Aug 2005

Beautiful image, full of wonder and optimism. Pixels transformed into paint.

Renata Cavanaugh 20 Aug 2005

Beautifully done....I love the golden tones

Maria Madrid 29 Jul 2005

Very beautiful work Gregor... almost like something taken out of a dream.. :)

Katerina Koukiotis 27 Jul 2005

beautiful has a very classy look :):):)

Barbara Jensen 21 Jun 2005

Hi Gregor!!! Good to see you here....beautiful work as always! LOVE your style!!!

thea walstra 18 Jun 2005

Awesome, fabulous work

Nancy Costley 18 Jun 2005

Whimsical, dreamlike, just love it.

Richard Delay Sirs 18 Jun 2005

This is really impressive

Charles Oliver 18 Jun 2005

Very well done.