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Face the Kitten and Isis the Rabbit

After Face finished with Kane she felt that Isis was a better target ©my~ali2006

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Anonymous Guest

Cynthia DeMaio 21 Mar 2007

This is the cutest capture Alice!!! Love it!

kat Schilke 21 Mar 2007

Tag your it!!!

Jhatonna Turner 27 Jun 2006

She's going for little fluffy tail! Calico's are always females. If you ever find a male (Rare probably never) Keep him he'll be worth a ton of money. Or sell him, either way. I adore her little feet. I wanna rub them between my fingers! ^__^

Trinton Garrett 16 Feb 2006

LOL kittens are so dang cute...looks like Iris and Face came from the same "background" ..both calicos

Christina Langman 14 Feb 2006

LOL - this kitten is having quite the adventures! Wonderful shots of her - this is so cute!