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Cut off

© 2006 Armando Salas. ---"RECORTA, PEGA Y COLOREA". 1985. Classic fairy tales. Covers + 16 pages. Short text. Children can read the story and "complete" the pages. They must cut off several drawings and paste them on the suitable places. ---Cover: gouache. Pages: pen, indian ink and watercolor.


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sharon hendrickson 19 May 2006

Oh yes , A sticker book :) My little one loves these ! Great work. Your illustrations are delightful !!~******~!!

Luther Krider 19 May 2006

Great work Amando but did you give Gloria the day off from the clothing design?

george query 17 May 2006

Wonderful work!

gregg dutcher 17 May 2006

These story boards are just wonderful!!!--very nice work--

Andrea Herrera 17 May 2006

very nice and creative work Armando. I love these characters you draw they remind me of the early 70's cartoons I used to watch as a kid every morning before school, like speed racer lol

Kukua Akumanyi 17 May 2006

This is is the guy on the chair... I just can't work out what the other cut out shape is....

Artist Reply: The shapes are randomly placed in several pages, Kukua. Children must "work" :-)))

Loredana 17 May 2006

Excellent work Armando beautiful colors and detail :)

jorge gallardo 17 May 2006

Oyeme! Porque dice Recorta 100 Putas??? Yo no recuerdo que el cuento de Oz se trate de eso! Esta a de ser la version Salas!

Artist Reply: "Ptas" es la abreviatura de "Pesetas", nuestra antigua moneda. Y realmente eran PUTAS PESETAS porque casi no tenían valor. Ahora tenemos EUROS, una moneda más fuerte. ¡ Y NO TE PUEDES IMAGINAR CUANTO TRABAJO CUESTA EL GANARSE CUATRO PUTOS EUROS!!! :-))) Una vez que intentas putearme y te sale mal: esta vez has acertado, chamaco!!! :-))) Hala, sé bueno, que buena falta te hace, pedazo de sinvergüenza!!! :-)))

Reba McDonald 17 May 2006

Great work Armando.

Cristina Marsi 17 May 2006

How nice! What a pity I'm not a child anymore, would have loved to play with your book :) I especially love little Toto :)

Ana Tirolese 17 May 2006

Very good.

Tree Pruitt 17 May 2006

Looks like fun -- I wanna play too! :) I adore these expressive characters and know I simply would not have been able to resist them as a child. Works such as this help to teach the budding young artist too, I suspect.

Alberto D'Assumpcao 17 May 2006

Creo que eres un libro autobiografico: el mago de OZ!! Verdad, Armando??? :-)

Anne Vis 17 May 2006

Great work, Armando! Delightful and great colors!

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 17 May 2006

adorable and gorgeous work, Armando!

Artist Reply: Thank you, Nelly... et Voilá! LOL! :-)))

thea walstra 16 May 2006

She is so cute. It make a great children book and play Armando

Kenzie Pedersen 16 May 2006

muy bien! :D

Joseph Moran 16 May 2006

wonderful wonderful work to be very proud of...

Emily Reed 16 May 2006

Just so cute! Adorable panels, Armando!