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Super Chupi

© 2006 Armando Salas. --- I was very busy in the 80's :-))) "PASATIEMPOS SUPERCHUPI". I drew several lil' books containing tests, games and entertainment for children. I did it ALL again :-))) SuperChupi is a comic character I created. He's a kind of Superman. Cover: gouache on paper. Pages: pen, indian ink and Letraset.


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george query 09 Jun 2006

Nice and friendly great work!

Ana Tirolese 03 Jun 2006

Hi Armando. Wonderful work. I found the cherry too!

Artist Reply: Congratulations! This means you're 8 years old. Garota!!!:-)))

Joke Schotting 02 Jun 2006

Very creative,Armando!!

Andrea Herrera 02 Jun 2006

I used to love those kinds of puzzle books. Here in the US it was Higlight Magazine books and they had similar types of games and puzzles but lacked the great art work from someone like yourself =)

Analua 02 Jun 2006

Super mind, super art, super artist!!!! You!

Artist Reply: Your nose is growing, Ana... :-)))

Deborah Martin 02 Jun 2006

Marvellous fun creation!!!!

Aris Stathakis 01 Jun 2006

This is super, well done Armando!

Les Jobes 01 Jun 2006

tonne of fun and colour Armando.. Great work!!

Elton Houck 01 Jun 2006

great one for the kids...outstanding

joan warburton 01 Jun 2006

Oh, what fun! Yarin will love your dedication!

bianca thomas 01 Jun 2006

Armando looooooooooove it......

Alberto D'Assumpcao 01 Jun 2006

Beautiful again, Armando!!!

Reba McDonald 01 Jun 2006

Yarin will love it. Cool work.

thea walstra 01 Jun 2006

Super work for Yarin Armando

Anne Vis 01 Jun 2006

Beautiful work, Armando!

Vivian Allen 01 Jun 2006

Great entertainment for the kids having this to stimulate their minds! Love the Super Chupi, Yarin Hero!

Loredana 01 Jun 2006

Excellent work Armando :)

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 01 Jun 2006

great to start the day with a Armando Salas!!! Fantastic for Yarin too!!