Viking, King of the Norsemen

Latest in a series of full color character portraits. This intricately detailed, dynamic portrait captures the power and grandeur of the adventurous Norseman. Viking activity started before AD 800. More than 2 centuries elapsed before it ceased. Vikings left their mark not only on western Europe, but also right through the Mediterranean from Gibraltar to Asia Minor, in what is now western Russia. Vikings were the first Europeans to discover and explore North America. Vineland the Good, they called it. What did the historical Norseman really look like? Well, pretty drab next to this fanciful, Viking King you can be sure. Oden himself would be proud! 19" X 26"

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Anonymous Guest

Cristina Marsi 01 Feb 2007

Wow, this is simply amazing!!!

Chris Hoffman 17 Nov 2006

Beautiful work Steven glad to find your gallery

Tracy Rothman 10 Oct 2006

Outstanding work. Stands way out. Professional grade.

Anonymous Guest 09 Oct 2006

This is truly brilliant.. you are an amazing artist. Susan Rodio.

John Enright 06 Oct 2006

hello steve, great to finally see your work online here at this archive....we met at the Rennaissance Festival and I was very impressed by your skill and detail. We are honored to have your work here.