Dream Catchers

This was my first attempt at using watercolor. My mom was pretty ticked because she could never use watercolor correctly. I didn't do so hot on the first dream catcher, which is why it is covered up. Overall, I'm a fan of this painting.


Anonymous Guest

William Boyer 17 Nov 2006

keep them comming

Joel Yoder 13 Nov 2006

impressive... I've really never even tried watercolor before... seems to hard...

Olga van Dijk 12 Nov 2006

I like it... don't get the Mom-story though! WELCOME -2- ARTWANTED, Brittany!

Artist Reply: My mom is an artist, and the only medium that she can work with is oil, so she was mad when I produced a watercolor like this one on my first try. Thanks for the comment!

Ruth Kauffman 11 Nov 2006

Very nice!

Jerry 11 Nov 2006

Most excellent watercolors painting, details and picture of culture!