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Times not remembered and yet forevermore always there, lingering on the fringes of our childhood memories, to tease the mind with what was,and what was not.


Anonymous Guest

m.taliera 18 Dec 2010

ohhh this is just amazing ....

Anonymous Guest 24 Mar 2010


John Fish 21 Dec 2007

beautifully done. the photography in itself is wonderful and the montage is really moving

Namita Kulkarni 28 Nov 2007

Very evocative

Zara Gasparyan 07 Nov 2007

Joanna it's very mistic & nostalgic picture.Two people,who they are? For shure they have some history.It's very impressive & interesting shot.

Ron Johnson 24 Oct 2007

Joanna: This is a beautiful merging of your childhood/adult image....Very unique and beautifully done!

Gerrie Olly 18 Oct 2007

Hi Joanne, lov this reminds me of past life regession. Very well done!

Greg Dubois 15 Oct 2007

This is a lovely self portraits and a time capsule as well, with something in there that I can,t put my finger on Joanna.

Melanie Lamprill 29 Sep 2007

outstanding work.....

Louis Myers 20 Sep 2007

Now this piece I wish I saw earlier! I love it! Very thought provoking to me.

Cathy Holford 05 Sep 2007

Wonderful blending!

Athena Alexa 15 Aug 2007

hauntingly beautiful,Thought provoking work!!! Athena Alexa

joe valcourt 14 Aug 2007

really outstanding composition

Thom Roslan 11 Aug 2007

Excellent Montage of Memories.....Beautifully designed !

Gabrielle Stahlie 26 May 2007

Very good portrait!

Waldemar Max 23 May 2007

Gorgeous composition; also I remember this face in first plan, I drew with pencil in a lesson of drawing in 1978 and happily I have kept in my archives.

annette steens 11 Apr 2007

Good done again and....... i love the message!

Hassan Pasha 07 Apr 2007

stunning piece of work ... GORGEOUS

June Steward 25 Mar 2007

This is such a moving the title and the words, life captured in one picture

julie Marks 22 Mar 2007

Who is that beautiful child with those wide eyes expressing her curiosity, sense of wonder and amazement of the world around her. She is absolutely precious with those wide blue eyes and refined features. There is a woman in the background that creates a sense of time passing by in this layered composition. Since the lovely child is in the first grade, is the older lady her grandmother? She has aged and I think is about 70 and looks great for her age. The mom probably looks like this adorable girl? Do you have a picture of her? Just kidding!! Great collage of you as a child and now as a beautiful mommy as your anonymous guest (your daughter) has commented. Great narrative from a poetic soul!!

Anonymous Guest 21 Mar 2007

You Looked Beautiful Mom and you Still do!!!!

Rebecca halley 20 Mar 2007

hey fit...I just found this one. WOW! You just get better and better...*sings loud for fit* \:D/

Anonymous Guest 26 Feb 2007


Artist Reply: mommy

Carrie Ann Watson 23 Feb 2007

Beautiful work Joanna! What wonderful advice! :)

Steve Newport 21 Feb 2007

Really great work Joanna.

BySilent 21 Feb 2007

Beautiful collage

Dar Cragg 21 Feb 2007

Truly beautiful work!

Denise Funfsinn 21 Feb 2007

Impressive work! I love the way you layered and kept this in greytones!

Jerry 21 Feb 2007

Most excellent pictures and statement!

Carliss Mora 21 Feb 2007

Beautiful sentiment, and wisdom in your wonderful composite!

Mary Janosik 20 Feb 2007

A thought provoking piece, well done!!! Love the text with it... :)

Michael Easter 20 Feb 2007

God bless you! WOW, way to play with the element of emotion. Absolutely spectacular. I am voting it in for the pic of the day!

Anonymous Guest 20 Feb 2007

Beautiful work Joanna

Ruth Kauffman 20 Feb 2007

Excellent piece of art, Joanna!!! Love the text!! :)

Alberto D'Assumpcao 20 Feb 2007

Splendid composition, Joanna! Excellent imagery!

terry waites 20 Feb 2007

Beautiful imaginative work Joanna, wonderful

Michael Forbus 20 Feb 2007

Joanna, this is a magnificent composite and the quote is beautiful. Great work. Miguel

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 20 Feb 2007

great and marvellous work, Joanna!!!

Anonymous Guest 20 Feb 2007

It amazing how you can do this. Beautiful picture of You

Greg Joens 20 Feb 2007

Lovely work....Its amazing how events can be interpreted differently by friends and family members. Even our own minds present reality in perhaps a biased manner. I pray to see truth... and live it.

Mrs.David Jobes(Dee) Jobes 20 Feb 2007

Powerful moving beautiful work of inspirational art!!!Great artistry,my Friend!!!God Bless!!!

Olga van Dijk 20 Feb 2007

BEAUTIFUL TEXT my friend, beautiful pciture!!--

Patty Day 20 Feb 2007

Beautiful so beautiful!!! Very nice work, Joanna!!

Lucia Stewart 20 Feb 2007

Super creative Joanna!!!

Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 20 Feb 2007

Hello Joanna! How's things? I like this very much. The concept of child and adult, past and present. An atmospheric presentation and clever manipulation of the photos. Love it!

Emily Reed 20 Feb 2007

Very pretty and lovely!

cynthia berridge 20 Feb 2007

gorgeous work, love how you have blended the two together

Joke Schotting 20 Feb 2007

Great work and yes words my friend!!