I was just thinking...

This drawing is a more serious picture of Lolita and for the first time on paper, her boyfriend Andres. Lolita and Andres met on the beach two years ago and even though hes seven years older they have a good relationship (Without Lolita's parents knowing of course). Drawn during a trip while listening To Teitur's "I was just thinking...", "You're the ocean" and Sondre Lerche's "It's Over".


Anonymous Guest

Christine brand 23 Feb 2007

Very original portrait sketch and meaning. I like the way the figures are positioned.

Jerry 23 Feb 2007

Brilliant portraits!

María Paz Fernández 22 Feb 2007

uuuh lolita tiene novio!! jejjej XD ta linda la niña!! XD me gustan tus lineas con lápiz mina... te quedan muy geniales!! SUBE EL DE SAYEN Y LOLITA!!