Warming Up

It's easy to see why single source lighting is one of the most effective forms of lighting when creating a painting, especially figurative work. I was at a ballet rehearsal when this young lady struck a pose that struck me in return. Just the fact that she could DO this was amazing enough! In all, the dramatic lighting and uniqueness of the pose made for an interesting painting.

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Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest 27 Feb 2013

A bit srpurised it seems to simple and yet useful.

J. P. 06 May 2009

Exquisite piece.

Rezo Kaishauri 05 May 2009

Outstanding pastel work, Tom! It has the finesse and depth of realistic oil painting, which is very hard to achieve with such a rough medium. Also, it's quite a difficult pose, and you handled it masterfully, with subtlety and grace. Congratulations!

Marika Antal 27 Mar 2009

Mmmmmm!!! Most astonishing work,please see my private gallery ,love to hear you helping comment on my work!!

Patti Jo 03 Feb 2008

Wow...I just discovered your work...absolutely fantastic...I am going now to look at them all...tahnks for sharing. Just wondering...are you able to sell anything on here yet? If I am not being too bold!