Phoenix Tower in Chester by Terry Bassett |

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Phoenix Tower in Chester

" Phoenix Tower "

This is Phoenix Tower, located on the Roman Wall at Chester, UK.

For more information click HERE


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Anthony Mottram 05 Feb 2008

Hi Terry :) See that branch on the left (almost touching the signpost ~ lamp post) "that is a conker tree" :) I used to get conkers for my son there almost every year until he got bored (haha). The canal is just over the wall on the left too :) The whole walk along this section of Chester wall is beautiful when the weather is right :) I go there all the time (Chester) just haven't been along this walk for a good few years. Thanx for the great memory jogger :) All my best to you, Laz.

Brenda Loveless 06 May 2007

fine capture and love having the link for all that information!!

Janet Gioffre Harrington 05 May 2007

wow. love the link you've attached, too. GREAT info. Just to think of who was alive in the1600's and what life was like when this was built. AWEOME, Terry. Thanks 4 sharing.

jamie winter 05 May 2007

omg this is an increadable photograph and close up. Terry, well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cynthia berridge 05 May 2007

must have a look for this next time I am in Chester its such a beautiful city and stunning photograph