My Imaginary Friend

Well, since I got married I thought it was time for another DeviantArt ID. I spent proper time on this one and I won't go so far as to say it's meaningful but it does say a few things about me.

No. I'm not crazy.


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Destanie West 30 Apr 2008

do you do your stuff on the computer because alot of your stuff is excellent i wish i had the talent to do that good

Artist Reply: Destanie, I'm so sorry this is hideously late, it was not my purpose to be rude and ignore you. I was browsing the "new" look of AW today and found this comment. I have not really been using AW properly for some months now (see blog) as I have not really been able to concentrate since I've been pregnant so just pottering around doing other stuff. Some of my work is done straight onto computer with a Wacom tablet but most of it is pencil done, scanned and then cleaned up/coloured with the Wacom in Photoshop. I'm not naturally talented or anything, there are people half my age that can work twice as well (have you ever looked at Deviant Art?) but any skill I have made has just been through working hard and drawing regularly. No doubt I will suck after such a long break from art but that's just life I guess. I'm gonna take a proper look at your portfolio in a sec but really don't sweat it, just keep at it and keep looking to improve, take suggestions from people who are willing to help (even though there are days when you just won't want to hear it) and you'll be really good in no time. Sorry again for the delay, Cassie -x-

Terry Bassett 22 Jun 2007

Very nice Cassie.. Samhain will soon be round again..:-) Hope married life is suiting you well..

Artist Reply: Sorry this is so late! I really must get organised with my responces. Thankyou very much for the comment, it was appreciated :) and you're right, I can't believe it's almost that time again! Thanks again for the kind words