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Continuing my "pipes" series and the month of October puts me in the mood for a "Halloweeny" type image! I really had fun with this! Hope you like and thanks for viewing!!~S~


Anonymous Guest

John Cappello 31 Aug 2012

As an Old Pipe-fitter, I LOVE THIS SERIES!

Stefani Wehner 08 Nov 2010

I am discovering this one...... it's really great...... love it!

Artist Reply: Thanks Stefani!! Actually, I just recently repainted/revised this and you should enjoy this version a lot better!! You can see it at this link:

Mark Adams 28 Dec 2009

Brilliant image!

Artist Reply: Thanks you Mark!! Its one of my favs, too!!!~S

Anonymous Guest 17 Aug 2009

Nice work. Love the pipes. sly

Dannette Swabey 17 Sep 2008

Really cool piece. Nice job on the jack-o-lanterns and the pipes are perfect.

Artist Reply: Hello Dannette! I really appreciate the nice comments!! Take care!! ~S

Bernhard Mueller 01 Jun 2008

Steve, your pipes series is great. I love the spider in the background.

Artist Reply: Bravo! Very observant on your part, Bernhard!! Most people don't notice the spider or moon in the bg! Thanks again!! ~S

Kelly Barrett 21 Feb 2008

i wonder what it would be like to run thru your brain! How we turn wonderfully benign pumpkins into creepy jack-o-lanterns! Then, here you go, dropping them into a totally incongruous setting!

Artist Reply: Hello Kelly! "Incongruous"!!!!! Wow, I can't say that I've used that word in a while!! In fact, I don't recall ever using that word! LOL! Hey, I really appreciate the cool comments, though!! Thanks for diggin my imagery as well as broadening my vocabulary!!! Take care!!! ~S

ray ladbrook 16 Feb 2008

super image!

Artist Reply: Much thanks!!! ~S

Ora Moon 23 Jan 2008

Pumpkins? I’m their, love this!

joan warburton 08 Jan 2008

This is such fun! Beautiful shading and very creative!

Artist Reply: Hey thanks so much, Joan! Its always great to hear from you!!! Take care!! ~S

gregg dutcher 09 Nov 2007

Pumpkin pipes,...hehehe,...coooool artwork Steve!!! ,...or should I say ghouuul artwork! :O)

Claudia Huefner 26 Oct 2007

Great! Excellent drawing and a very nice idea!!

Tahnja Wolter 21 Oct 2007

Hi Steve, lovely to hear from you. Pipes? ok, takes all kinds I guess, lol. This is very well done my friend

Ben Kiger 21 Oct 2007

cool art and design

Nira Dabush 20 Oct 2007


Izabella Pavlushko 19 Oct 2007

it looks awesome, Steve !!! ~Izabella

Joanna Jungjohann 19 Oct 2007

I love it! great work~!~

Kerra Lindsey 18 Oct 2007

Great idea, Steve! Did you ever post this as Jessica suggested? I like the hidden little spider in there, too! :) -Kerra

Jessica Courtley-Rose 12 Oct 2007

hehehe! Fun! Please post in forum under photo discussion for halloween art and stories!

Tabitha Borges 10 Oct 2007

this is a great series I love the details so nince...

Francis Rivera 09 Oct 2007

Aww this is so cute! I love it! ^_^

Katerina Koukiotis 09 Oct 2007

steve i love this!! i too get in a halloweeny mood in october beautifully done!!

Ginger Lovellette 09 Oct 2007

Outstanding, Steve!

Visionary Imagist 08 Oct 2007

Steve: Again a great addition to your magnificent portfolio. I love the play on words too. Continued success! "joey"

Chas Sinklier 08 Oct 2007

What a corker of a series - I worked on a series of the inside of pipes some time back... proved to be a confining subject with a dark and smelly core - you've brought pipes into the light Steve - funone :0)

bianca 07 Oct 2007

ahhhhhhhhhhh u are cool guy...and your work is fabulous....

Artist Reply: Hey Bianca!!! Thanks so much! You are cool to send such a great comment! Take care!! ~S

Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 06 Oct 2007

Is this a pumpkin I see before me........?. LOL! Love these pumpkin pipes. you have to eat them piping hot!!!! Geddit!!! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Hui Zhu 06 Oct 2007

really nice :)

Michael Forbus 05 Oct 2007

Great imaging, Steve, Love the humor. Great work. Michael

monique cooper 05 Oct 2007

LOL.. Pumpkins pipes!!.. I love it!!!!!

Robin Brown 05 Oct 2007

Pumpkins in the pump house Steve, another superb image with pumped up humour. All we need now is some Pipe Music. Best wishes Robin TTFN

Stanley Layman 05 Oct 2007

That works, but would be better if the carved pumkin were in the forground.

Artist Reply: Thanks Stanley, but I purposely placed the carved pumpkin in the background! I like to be different!!LOL!!!

Renata Cavanaugh 05 Oct 2007

Looks great Steve. I love the spiderwebs

Artist Reply: Hey thanks Renata!!!

jamie winter 05 Oct 2007

Steve this is so amazingly fun. excellent piece love your pumpkin pipes.

Cathy Holford 05 Oct 2007

So cool Steve!

Alberto D'Assumpcao 05 Oct 2007

Excellent illustration, Steve!

cathy sharpe 05 Oct 2007

Excellent digi work, love your theme!

Laurie Rawdon 04 Oct 2007

This is wonderful Steve!!! Spooky with those spider webs...I really like the pipes series, they're cool to look at.

Carla Klosowski 04 Oct 2007

Hee Hee! This is great!! A wonderful sense of whimsey!!