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When worlds collide

When worlds - "collide" - describes with a little irony a counterpart to the typical fantasy genre seen and known on dA and elsewhere;-) A Ninja from above and a somehow armed Amazon-queen(?) what about that matter? i don´t know either, but i know they´re having fun, at least as much as i had while doing this piece:nod: As for the stats, this piece is a mixed digital one, took me about 10 hours for the compositing and another 25 hours for the painting! Dimensions are: 7000X8000 X 300dpi @ photoshop 7 and wacom intuos(damn i need a cintiq:P) see here for some close ups on the details: full view is duty!!!


Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest 07 Jul 2008

I got an email today about some conest in honor of you... this is the first picture of yours I've looked at. NICE, however, like a beginner, you forgot about gravity -lol ... I like the sword placement to hide the goods.

Leah Jaarveth 10 Feb 2008

awesome work!!!

Lawrence Hickman 10 Feb 2008

fantasically done great job, awsome