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This is my latest illustration and computer animation. Feedback is welcome of course. Thanks! ~S


Anonymous Guest

Ginger Lovellette 24 Jan 2011

Awesome, Steve!

Artist Reply: Many Thanks Ginger!!

Anonymous Guest 31 Jan 2010

This one is really original. Great work. Sly

Cathy Holford 21 Jul 2008

That is super cool!

Jodi Keys 20 Apr 2008

Really awesome Steve!

Thom Roslan 13 Apr 2008

Great graphic and "trippy" animation Steve.....Really Dig IT !

Artist Reply: Hello Thom! Hope all is well. Thanks so much for stoppin by. I appreciate it!! Take care!! ~S

Tahnja Wolter 21 Mar 2008

wonderful work Steve! Thank you so much for all the support!

Artist Reply: Hello Tahnja! I appreciate it ,my friend!! Blessings to you!!! ~S

monique cooper 10 Mar 2008

You are so amazing My freind!!!!...... your effects, your colors, you style and statements.. always top noch!!!:))

Lucia Stewart 10 Mar 2008

Strong work Steve!! well done!

gregg dutcher 10 Mar 2008

All I can say is "I am the way, the truth, and the "life"; no one comes to the Father but by Me" ,....Jesus speaking,...and heaven is wherever the Father is! ----the details are very well done, and you've got a great animation!

Leo Da's Artistic Promotions 09 Mar 2008

WOW! What a cool animated effect! Smooth and real eye candy! Congrates my friend!

Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 08 Mar 2008

Hello Steve! How are you honey lamb??? Hope you and yours are having a great weekend! Love this esoteric image! The Egyptian symbol of everlasting life! That computer animation is brilliant! I wonder how you did that? Your such a clever guy!! Take care!

Artist Reply: "Esoteric"! Gosh, I haven't heard that word in awhile! At least not to describe my art! Thanks so much, Rusty! I really appreciate your artistic eye!!! Enjoy your weekend!!!! ~S

Chris Roukema 07 Mar 2008

This is Most Awesome Work, Steve!

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 07 Mar 2008


Artist Reply: Hello Nelly! Thanks so much!!! Take care!!! ~S

H.E. Drew 07 Mar 2008

Way Freaking Cool Dude! The Coptic Cross, the left hand and the rich colors defi the norm!;)

Artist Reply: Thanks so much, my friend!! I knew you would appreciate it!!!Take care!! ~S

Chas Sinklier 07 Mar 2008

I knew it!! I knew the key of life was all purply and a fist - Ha! Cosmicy Steve-y - bewdy~:0)

Gabrielle Stahlie 06 Mar 2008

A powerful and excellent image!

Cynthia DeMaio 06 Mar 2008

You just have to lay your hand out Steve and practice practice practice...they are not as hard as they seem. You did an excellent one here. Ankh is a kewl sympol...and i love the way you did the background.

Artist Reply: Hello Cyn, thanks so much for the encouraging words!! I'm sure glad you decided to stop by and check on us over here at AW! LOL! I know you've been busy, I still look forward to you posting soon!! C-ya!! ~S

Booker T. Williams, Jr. 06 Mar 2008


Julie Mayser 05 Mar 2008

Very well drawn, powerful!

Artist Reply: Thanks a bunch, Julie!!!! ~S

Renata Cavanaugh 05 Mar 2008

The ankh is one of my favorite symbols. I have designed my own tattoo....Egyptian style, with Ankh as the center of the design. I like the colors of your painting...and the design...but my favorite is the way you did the is really well done. Great job Steve

Artist Reply: Wow, Renata thanks so much for the positive feedback! When I did this one, I really didn't know where I was going with this one, but its really great to hear you praise my hand, because hands are so-oo difficult for me to do!! I try to avoid them like the plague! LOL!! With the Ankh, your tat must be very cool looking!!! Take care!! ~S

Mary Janosik 05 Mar 2008

Not sure why....but I like this very much!! It's amazing and very coooooool !! I agree with what Nira said.... :)

Jan van Baarle 05 Mar 2008

Great animation!

Anonymous Guest 05 Mar 2008

Very cool animation.

Francis Rivera 04 Mar 2008

Wow! This is good! ^_^

Nira Dabush 04 Mar 2008

It's POWERFUL, Steve ... different and bring many things to my imagination..such as heartbeat ..pace..movement of muscles and a symbolic way. WOW...!! ~~ Bravo!

Joke Schotting 04 Mar 2008

Great Steve!!

Artist Reply: Hello Joke! Thanks so much and have a great week!! ~S

Hiromi Green 04 Mar 2008

Spectacular, spectacular, spectacular! :-) Super cool illustration, Steve.

Artist Reply: Hello Hiromi! I wasn't so sure about this one, but I'm glad you liked it , my friend! Take care!! ~S

Maria Murphy 04 Mar 2008

awesome steve!!!