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The Natural Codes of LOVE

The natural way people talk with one another is Languages..... We people of the world talk so many languages invented by the need of us Human beings to communicate with one another. We artists of the world express ourselves also in the international language of ART, in many shapes, according to who we are. People talk body language also, which sometimes can be understood by some , not by all. There are all kind of let's call it " secret languages "... As kids,I remember it was excited to use , some of the known "SFAT STARIM " = secrecy language..such as the - Alef Language, or much more. My mother used to talk with her friend in the "Gimel- dalet language " , that even though I knew the rules of that language I never understood them..because they were really excellent in that language, since they truly used it in their childhood. Lately, I've learn a new "SFAT STARIM"...inspired by my kid :-) ... The rules invented by a GIFTED Child, for sure, very special unique & clever kid. My practice using this fun language came only from my experiencing this language, not by having regularly lessons.. But from "NISUY VE'TEHIYA "...That means testing my understanding through wondering... sometimes, I understand perfectly :-)...sometimes, I wonder... But I think I know, what this kid poet means. Yes it's definitely a poetic language with sounds, and their meanings, and words of wisdom. So, for YOU my friends, today , I invented a new code, in a natural way...I hope you can understand it...Of course, as always, I enjoy each of you take, what my image and words give to YOU...!!! BECAUSE...That is the real meaning of my ART, Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush

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Anonymous Guest

thea walstra 18 Apr 2008

Very lovely and creative work Nira

geoff cooper 12 Apr 2008

great design Nira.

Maria Murphy 12 Apr 2008


Steven Torrisi 12 Apr 2008

I agree with your description and in the presentation of this piece, particulary the little waving arms that hold the nectar that bees help carry having polinated the flowers beforehand and which they will turn into food.

Mrs.David Jobes(Dee) Jobes 11 Apr 2008

GORGEOUS!!!!Gorgeous colors and design work in this Loving Expression of Your Love and Great Kindness towards our hearts here!!!Magnificent Artistic Nira Dabush Artistry!!!GORGEOUS Artistic language my Dear Friend!!!FANTASTIC!!!Thanks for sharing your heart you do that so Beautifully!!!Hope You and Your Beautiful Family are having a Beautiful Fantastic Day!!!With Love&prayers,Dee&David!!!(((((((Hugs)))))):):)