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Yes, she is back to lure, enchant, and haunt those unsuspecting sea-fairing male souls with her mirage of beauty that usually can only be seen after days on end at sea! Yes, I decided to rework this mermaid image I did a couple years ago! So I'm reposting the revised version. Hope you like! ~S


Anonymous Guest

Ginger Lovellette 27 Jan 2011

You're so talented with digitals. This one is great!

Artist Reply: Thanks Ginger! This, as most of my paintings are mixed media, a combo of traditional paints and some digital. ;-)

John Cappello 02 Jun 2010

A Masterful amalgam of ingenious layouts ,warm atmospherics and fluid efficiency in scenes that tantalize deliciously with consummate skill.Simply Terrific, a feeling of alacrity and of freshness

Maureen Bloesch 26 Mar 2010

quite a mermaid! lovely colorations

Artist Reply: Thanks so much, Maureen!!!~S

Aqua1955 04 Mar 2010

One never can make a revision of a painting, but always create the new. I was impresed seeing your gallery with sometimes heavy emotions inside. You will understand that I go for the mermaids.. They are like me a red thread inside your gallery..Thanks for sharing your vision and thoughts Ben

Anonymous Guest 31 Jan 2010

So beautiful. Sly

george martinez 16 Sep 2008

very impressive portfolio steve and excellent creativity....georgem

indarto budi 24 Jun 2008

Really great artwork! good idea!

Artist Reply: Hello Indarto! Thanks so much for the great comments!! I appreciate it!!~S

Leo Da's Artistic Promotions 17 Jun 2008

WoW! well done dude!

Artist Reply: Hey much thanks, my friend!! Have a great one!! ~S

Barry Huyett 21 May 2008


Artist Reply: Thanks a bunch, Barry!! ~S

Anne Vis 18 May 2008

Very intense and great style, Steve!

Artist Reply: Hello Anne!! Always great to hear from you!! Thanks so much! Glad you liked my mermaid!! Take care!! ~S

Sara Deutsch 09 May 2008

I love your unique style!

Artist Reply: Hello Sara!! Thanks, I really appreciate your nice words!! Take care!! ~S

Nadia Coetzee 08 May 2008

Fantastic! You did a great job.

Artist Reply: Thanks so much, Nadia!! Your comments are encouraging!! ~S

Tabitha Borges 07 May 2008

yes she is luring all the people to the deep. great art

Artist Reply: Hello Tabitha!! Thanks so much for the comments!!! ~S

Gabrielle Stahlie 04 May 2008

Wow, enchanting.... I wont find her here on the beach. Silver sensuality!

Artist Reply: Hello Gabrielle!! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on my mermaid!!! Take care!! ~S

Chas Sinklier 03 May 2008

The mermaids just keep calling us back Steve - their allure is ethereal - but remember this - there is no spoon (zipper) ~:0)

Katerina Koukiotis 02 May 2008

very enchanting and beautiful!

Artist Reply: Hello Katerina!! Thanks for the wonderful words on my mermaid!! I appreciate it! Take care!! ~S

monique cooper 01 May 2008

She is Indeed Enchanting.. you have put me under her spell!!!!

Artist Reply: Thanks Nikki!! That was my intentions! LOL!! Take care and have a great week, my friend!! ~S

annette steens 01 May 2008

Hi Steve, how delightful done this mermaid by night!

Artist Reply: Hello Annette!! Thanks so much for stopping by!! Luv your comments!! Take care, my friend!! !~S

William Boyer 30 Apr 2008


Carla Klosowski 29 Apr 2008

ooo! Very cool! I love the colors of this and the textures on her tail...very nicely done Steve! Take care! :)

Artist Reply: Hello Carla!! Nice of you to notice the texturized tail! LOL! Thanks and take care, my friend!! ~S

Joke Schotting 28 Apr 2008

Gorgeous work Steve!!

Anonymous Guest 27 Apr 2008

very sphinx-like, really cool--tahnja

Francis Rivera 26 Apr 2008

Wow! Very pretty! I like this! ^_^

Cathy Holford 26 Apr 2008

Bah, I could have sworn I logged on! I don't know what the problem was, but the 2 below comments are by me, Cathy aka Pixie Wildflower.

Artist Reply: Hello Cathy!! Thanks so much! I appreciate all 3 of your comments!! LoL!! I think I stay logged in all the time!! Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!! ~S

Anonymous Guest 26 Apr 2008

BTW Steve, that was me. I wasn't logged in. Since I am posting a second time, let me comment and say the details are awesome too!

Anonymous Guest 26 Apr 2008

She is beautiful and the scenery is amazing!

Mary Janosik 25 Apr 2008

Love the shocking white hair!! Is she waiting for the tide to come in?? Terrific job, Steve!!

Artist Reply: Hmmm, the tide....thats a good question, Mary!!! Take care!! ~S

Celeste Smith 25 Apr 2008

Oh love it !!!Vey nice !!

Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 25 Apr 2008

Wow! Look out boys!! The siren is on the sands. You better cover your eyes or you might go blind.......!!!! Brilliant artwork!!!

Cynthia DeMaio 25 Apr 2008

I Love it Steve, the angle of her body and the moonlight even to the touch of the water hitting the sand.

Artist Reply: Hello Cyn!! Thanks so much for the nice words!! You always seem to notice even those small details!! I appreciate it, my friend!!!~S

Renata Cavanaugh 25 Apr 2008

I love it Steve. Love the moon glow on the water and her flowing hair.

Artist Reply: Hello Renata!! Glad you like my mermaid!! Always a pleasure to hear from you!! I'm already working on a different one!! ~S

Emily Reed 25 Apr 2008

Really gorgeous and splendid!

Artist Reply: Thanks Emily!! May you have a GORGEOUS and SPLENDID weekend!! ~S

Hui Zhu 25 Apr 2008

Beautiful done Steve !!! *_*

Hiromi Green 25 Apr 2008

Wonderful work Steve! I love her hair, expression and the story is really interesting! You create fantastic atmosphere.

jamie winter 25 Apr 2008

wow this is incredible Steve , very unique and wonderful

Artist Reply: Jamie, how are you? Thanks so much for the comments! You're the best!! ~S

Nira Dabush 24 Apr 2008

Super mysterious atmosphere at night ,Steve...awesome and so special !!

Artist Reply: Thanks you so much. Nira!! I thought the night brough a nice touch!! Have a splendid weekend!! ~S