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What if...?

© 2008 Armando Salas.--- I often thought "What if...?" another artist paints by using a sketch of mine? What if the artist chooses the technique, the colors, all...? I'm sure the final result could be a huge surprise; each and every painting from the same sketch could be a huge surprise for me indeed:-). Just an idea and/or a challenge:-) If you, fellow artist, want to participate in this strange and innovative experience feel free to do it. Simply, e-mail to me and I'll send the original sketch in a bigger size to you.(I'll not ask for royalties:-)---- This is my W.I.P "Peixeiras". It still requires a lot of work. You can see the original sketch in my previous post.-------------UPDATES TO THIS W.I.P. can be seen at my Blog (there's a problem there because of Photobucket widget and the image appears on the right side; depending of resolution, the image can be off the screen). I already know how to correct it.

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Steph Salt 31 Jul 2008

Hi Armando it's good to see that you are still here and still busy my friend :D A touch of Picaso here perhaps? :D I wish I had a fraction of your talent, this is beginning to look really good I must return and see the finished version. xxx

Analua 31 Jul 2008

You create a very fun challenge, I saw one with a especial interpretation. As allways very creative and dynamic Armando

Tammy Heywood 30 Jul 2008

I like this as it is, would not try to copy it as I like photos. I enjoy the art side and think that anyone that picks up a brush, pen, etc are all talented in that is their gift. The other side to "what if" is that if they copy you, that is the sincerest form of flattery as it means that they think so much of it, they want one of their very own. Lovely image.

Kerra Lindsey 27 Jul 2008

Love the offer, Armando---fun challenge! Please email me a copy at : icansketchu at yahoo dot com -Kerra Lindsey :)

Artist Reply: Just sending the file, Kerra. Thank you for your participation and comment. Have fun :-)

thea walstra 27 Jul 2008

Your offer is very interesting Armando. I think even when you use somebody elses work and you work with is, without wanting to be a fraud( in that situation it needs to look like the original) you use your own technical skills and probably also different colors. Your artwork is marvellous. Have a wonderful sunday nightowl. :)

Artist Reply: Hi, nightowl :-) What are you doing under the sun? Oh, yes, the sunlight only affects vampires, not the nightowls! :-) LOL!:-)--- I totally agree with you, dear Thea. As a matter of fact, I am more than surprised: all the paintings are the same, all of them are totally different ones. This one is an experience I'll never forget. How are you? Wishing only the very best to you and your dear ones, you already know. Thank you for your visit and comment.