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Our Beloved Deep Lake

This is where my husband and I walk at least 3 miles every day, unless of course, we are in the mountains. (Much better than any gym!!) We never get board as each day is a little different and it gives us time to talk. It's good excersize for the body and soul.... :) Both photos, same tree...


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Anna Marie Fritz 13 Apr 2009

Your "framing" is the height of your marvelous photography, Mary!

Lynn De Serres 26 Jan 2009

Very fine composition in this magnificent photographic artwork.

gerry logan 27 Nov 2008

I love how you captured the top photo the 2nd one is nice but the top one is the best one of the two

Beatrix Jahn 18 Nov 2008

Amazing colors Mary!!! Wish I could join you (huffin and a puffin) on one of your hikes! What beauty!