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Ray Bans

Original photography copyright November 2008


Anonymous Guest

Elton Houck 13 May 2020

If she smiled and said I have no idea who that was that just smiled and waved at me discreetly--would you believe her??? Or if she had already captured your heart,,you probably would just nod an acceptance of her reply ,, then turn your head so she could not see the look on your face...THIS IS A GREAT SHORT STORY YOU JUST WROTE WITH YOUR CAMERA....

Artist Reply: Thank you, Elton!

Vernonette Gaddy 24 May 2016

Very 'Chic' looking photograph- She looks like the Oscar Winning actress Helen Mirren. :)

Artist Reply: Thank you, Vernonette Gaddy!

Amy Yampanis 24 Mar 2013

I love how you framed this composition.

Artist Reply: Thank you, Amy!

Jessica Dzupina 04 May 2010

I love this shot! The subject looks cool, like she knows a secret and will keep her lips sealed! Great technical - a great shot!

Artist Reply: Thank you, Jessica!

Sandra Beraha 03 Jan 2009

Perfecto, Perfecto. Y, me hubiese gustado ver el arete completo, unos tres milimetro más. Son hermosos. Ella, las líneas de su cara, fuertes, femenino y masculino. Me quedaría más tiempo porque esta obra me hace hablar, veo muchas cosas, pero ya me tengo que ir, que pena. Viene mi madre por mi. Volveré.

Artist Reply: Gracias, Sandra!