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My Celtic roots

© 2010 Armando Salas.------Digital image (cover) for NORDESIA, cultural magazine published weekly by the newspaper DIARIO DE FERROL.----- Supposed the Celtic people invaded Spain, a modern theory ("Paleolithic Paradigm") based on genetics and other studies demonstrates this people already lived in northwestern Spain in the Paleolithic. This means: WE, the Galician people, were the INVADERS :-) and those arrows just show the paths. I often speculated about my jewish or arabic roots but the thuth is finally revealed: I'm a Celtic barbarian still living in the Age of Bronze :-). The blue symbol is the Celtic TRISKEL, something I added to my signature lately. ------ Upper image: digital work. It was an unexpected commission and I only had an hour to work on it. Bottom image: cover of Nordesía Magazine.

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Kukua Akumanyi 08 Mar 2010

Superb illustrations as always Armando.

Seth Weaver 25 Feb 2010

Superb illustrations Armando. I have ancestors from southern England and Scotland, we might be cousins? What a honor that would be!

Artist Reply: I'm totally sure, Seth. Both os us need glasses:-)

Roy Boobyer 25 Feb 2010

Sure we were already there my friend. Maybe we dominated Europe at one time. I guess we celts were just pushed back to the western fringes. Maybe we spent to much time on our art than on scrapping. We did trade a lot amongs ourselves though.

Olga van Dijk 24 Feb 2010

I don't know what they're talking about: I see two images.... Great to get such unexpected commissions! BRAVO!

Sandra McClure 24 Feb 2010

Well I am celtic too Armando. great grandfather was from Ireland lol. We may be kin lol Nice job on the art work