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I Vampiri:  I Lupi

The sixth in my series of paintings called "I Vampiri " (which is Italian for The Vampires) - a new line of paintings that feature vampire beauties inspired by Italian Baroque & Italian Renaissance themes and aesthetics (many of which I have been hired to create for my upcoming Vampire Tarot/Oracle Deck). This sixth painting is called "I Vampiri: I Lupi" which literally translates into means "The Wolves" in Italian. I LOVE WOLVES and they often feature prominently in my paintings. Since they have long had a relationship with the Vampire mythos, I decided to dedicated this painting to wolves, the howling "children of the night". To stay with my Italian Renaissance theme, the dress/pose is totally a Botticelli reference. If you look in the background you'll see a lovely Italian sunset scene, complete with a ruined castle....... My own original acrylic painting. ©Jasmine Becket-Griffith - prints are available at and*


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Kayleigh Sampson 13 Aug 2010

i love the detail

Cathy Holford 21 Jun 2010

It is lovely!

Angie Lisle 21 Jun 2010