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This one was a new experience for me, a digital painting tutorial piece for If you have the time, please have a look and of course its free. As for a theme, I had done some thumbnail sketches and went with the last one that seem inspired by Tool, Brom and Pans Labyrinth somehow but brought my very own freedom into play, the result is merely a surreal fire-goddess if one can call it so, since I dont wanted to go with any religion - myth with which the term fire-goddess is usually connected. The main focus was to create something that grabs the attention and has a painterly feel to it If there are any questions about the process that are not covered in the tutorial, let me know! I tried to explain shortcuts, thinking process, color decisions, some cs5 related functions but I try to better myself with this, so if there is anything you are interested in, also for a future making of let me know.

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Anonymous Guest 03 Sep 2010

Wow beautiful