African Ascension

A wonderful young man was interviewing the artist about his two paintings with depictions of Jesus, “The Transformation” and “On the Third Day.” His two questions were simple and straight forward: “Why do artists depict Jesus as a fair skinned man? Why not show him as a Middle Eastern man or a Northern African man as he probably was?” In response, this depiction of Christ’s Ascension on Easter Day combines the figure of a Northern African Jesus against the background of a delicate fractal digital image. Fractals are created when complex mathematical formulas find order in a world of chaos. As one Fractal artist so eloquently stated: “Balancing on a knife edge between order and chaos lies a world in which mathematical perfection shows its beauty through mysterious depths and swirls of complex elegance.” Perhaps this is a more accurate description of Christ bringing to the world a sense of order from all the chaos, and the fractal that was created, showing the true meaning of a Halo’s glow. All of the images have been copy written and remain the property of Michael Durst. They do not belong to the public domain so they may not be copied, downloaded, reproduced, edited, altered, shared or displayed without written permission.


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John Cappello 12 Apr 2013

The More I See of Your Work the more I Admire! THIS is LOVELY & VERY SPECIAL!

Sharon Gonzalez 24 Mar 2013


Marika Seprenyi (Antal) 24 Mar 2013

most fascinating..amazing achievement!