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Big Boy @ Iberville Parish Visitors Center~~

this is one of the two alligators we at the Iberville Parish Visitors Center feed and cared for thru the year 2013. He and the other were replaced after 11 months. This one grew 31 inches in 11 months and he was about 7 inches wide. Although alligators have a brain the size of a small pea, this one really had a knack for recognizing my stripe shirt when I went up to feed him. He would stand up tall and just stretch that cotton mouthed jaw and beg like a dog. he was so cute. Now we begin again with hatchlings. oh, and although we were supposed to keep him for 2 YEARS this big boy totally out grew his space. I was so sad to see him go.

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Anonymous Guest


Wow, what an incredible macro artistic capture!!!The Top photo is Stellar and Dramatic!!!Great camera work on both!!!Dee :)

Anonymous Guest 08 Feb 2014

lol Mz Ruth the longest one was only 39 inchs they were replaced with hatchlings.

Ruth Kauffman 08 Feb 2014

Oh my actually work with these big guys!?? Great captures...

Elizabeth Lindberg 21 Jan 2014

Truly exceptional captures!!!

Seth Weaver 20 Jan 2014

Great capture and write up on your pet gator, Joanna.