Ok, I've been working on a series of self emotive portraits. This is my favorite so far. This is also kind of a gift for my boyfriend, I love and appreciate him and how he makes me feel. I didn't really intend for this to be...provocative. I wanted to show my sensual side, because I must say, I do love being a woman :) I got some great feedback on this when I posted it in the critiques area, so I've finally decided to post it. I've been kind of worried about the responses I may get from this, but I'm just so proud of this right now, I really don't think anyone could make me feel bad about this. I've put so much of myself into this, and I think thats what art is really supposed to be about anyway. Thank you all for your comments and ratings :) All of this was done from scratch in photoshop, I used a pic for reference but I picked the colors myself and colored it all with my mouse *hand falls off* by far the most work I have ever put into a picture!

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Scott Browne 15 Mar 2006

Awesome work Jessica!

George Wallis 10 Feb 2006

beauty, wonderfully rendered

nate jennings 10 Feb 2006

awesome! i love this! good work!

Renata Cavanaugh 20 Aug 2005

I love your work Jessica

José Fortunato 10 Aug 2005

It is beautiful