Poster of Wrigley Field-Home of Chicago Cubs

This is beautiful poster of Wrigley Field is part of a series of Chicago artwork posters that Dr Durst created for the Chicago Artists Month 2015. Since the Chicago Artist Month coincides with the Chicago Architectural Biennial this year, the theme is “The City As Studio.” This work shows the iconic and much loved, Wrigley Field, which is home to the Chicago Cubs. Each of the posters in the Chicago series includes the word, "Chicago" at the bottom. The original artwork is also available on this site as well, so please look at it as well. The artwork shows the lights of Wrigley Field with a light rain shower which makes the streets glisten and reflect the powerful lights and add to a magical feeling. It seems that the viewer can hear the roar of the crowd while sharing the feeling of the fans of wondering whether the misty shower will pass or is a forerunner of a storm that could call the game off. As with most of his works, the artist strives to make the image three-dimensional to create an intimate magical moment. His works are also to create a sense of peace and harmony for the viewer. As a psychologist and heart- centered therapist, Dr. Durst has created visual experiences to connect to the heart. For a Chicago Cubs fan, and a one who appreciates the history of Wrigley Field and its meaning to Chicago, this would make an ideal gift. Think of how this would look if beautifully framed in an office or den. What could be better? Copyright Notice: All images are fully protected by U.S. and international copyright laws, all rights reserved. The images may not be copied, reproduced, manipulated or used in any way, without the written permission of Dr. G. M. Durst.

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Sharon De Vore 21 Oct 2015