Closed city, modern art and fantasy story, for sale

Wizard Cirilo Bum grabs my hand and I feels like we are sinking in another, human eyes invisible, level of the World of Fantasy. - The opinion that the World of Fantasy, like every other world, only what our senses perceive and understand our mind, is worth less than the rotten bobsled. The world, the universe, the reality, are extremely complex, the human understanding of time, space, dimensions, the boundary of something, are poor, the too many rules and laws is accepted for granted - he talked to me as we floated in some space of gray-purple color. Then, through some haze, I can see the outlines of some roughly-built houses and buildings. "It's a Closed City," said the old wizard, "and belongs to the World of Fantasy, as well as countless other phenomena and things. Every world and many beings have their own Closed City. - Who lives in it? What's inside these buildings? I asked him. First I thought there might be some demons inside, but also treasure. "Nobody knows the answer to that question, my little boy, except the one who built it," Cirilo Bum told me as he took me back to the level we stayed the longest - perhaps full of some form of life or completely empty. It is not good that per some things, uninvited, dig. It may be full of some memories or feelings which must not be discovered.

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