Prim Point Lighthouse

... this is the fourth illuminated structure marking the entrance of Digby Gut to the Annapolis Basin, along the Nova Scotia coastline on the Bay of Fundy. This appears in the ubiquitous, utilitarian cubist re-interpretation... in contrast to the third Prim Point Lighthouse, of 1874... which was a tapered wooden tower with a small attached, two story keeper's quarters. This current light is automated and consists of a flat roofed box with a beacon atop a tall, concrete corner tower. The facility is painted white and the tower has four vertical red stripes below the lantern room. The first Digby Gut light was built at Point Prim in 1804, but it only lasted four years before it burned to the ground. Therein followed a rather dark period until 1817 when a second lighthouse was built.


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Rachel Reichert 05 Aug 2020

Amazing painting

Ivo Depauw 18 Feb 2020

Nice James, another history in the picture

Marie josé LAURIER 18 Feb 2020

beaufully done James

Joanie Holliday 17 Feb 2020