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You take a person's sense of humor away and you've, to my way of thinking, dehumanized that person. You've made a person much less, a remnant, a mere stand-in of his or her former self. Now, if you've never truly had a sense of the absurd, of irony, or good old-fashioned situational comedy, then you were probably a less than and not an equal to anyway. This is a 6 by 4.25 inches gel pen drawing with marker and color pencil. It's what a 67-year-old kid calling himself Original Jones Art might produce during a cataclysmic event in the northwest corner of Austin, Texas.


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Arie Peintures AP Art 04 Apr 2020

Hey Charles; hope you re in a healthy shape . How is life outthere nowadays. Take care, best wishes from the netherlands, Erik

Maria Anna Machado 04 Apr 2020