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Mirit Ben-Nun develops a style where he tries to demonstrate the manifestation of movement, rhythmic repetition and the speed of objects on the canvas.In the process the artist often asks difficult questions or causes reflection without giving easy answers. Her curiosity, your open mind and a commitment to dialogue are her best tools to address your artworks. These works often challenge our ideas about how art should look or how it should behave. Her art is not based on what was said before and does not depend on the academies of art, breaks traditions, and does not imitate the real world, it is an art that transmits through its works the inner world of the artist. Through imprecise and significant characters, it radiates different ideas about the reality of the world of human dreams.Mirit gives us a clear idea that art is not separated from life and from the real world in which we live, reflects thoughts with style and unique focus. Dora Woda

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