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I haven't felt like doing art for a couple of days. Truthfully, I've been rather catatonic, emotionally numb. You could say I too have been in limbo. I thought I knew this country and its people but lately I've been feeling like a stranger in an even stranger land. Between losing battle after battle with the virus due to callousness, political agenda and stupidity, to people who take advantage of that always 'silent majority' to push anarchy and destruction to an illogical extreme under the guise of social justice, I've found greater solace in yard work the last day or so. This is a 6 by 4.5 inches gel pen drawing with color gel pen and color pencil. It's Original Jones Art who seems to be perpetually locked down due to circumstances beyond his control in northwest Austin, Texas.

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Mitzi Delpho 06 Jul 2020

Cool, so fun.