ROBOT by Veera Zukova interesting colorful bohemian weird organic colorful acrylic original canvas u

I had great inspiration for three days and created this abstract painting on canvas. It is painted with acrylics, lots of colors and details. Work is covered by protective layer of transparent acrylic so that colors are very very juicy. This work would be great for children or young. Even a businessman will get his brainwork refreshed looking at it. This work will be great for you if you are searching for inspiration, soul healing, positive energy. If you are creative - it will burst inspiration into you. If you like to drink espresso in the morning - you will have a great pleasure looking at this artwork and smile :) My works are always positive and cute, friendly and funny - full of energy. My art personality: THE CONNOISSEUR [DEVOTEE, SOPHISTICATE] "THE OBJECT OF ART IS NOT TO PRODUCE REALITY, BUT TO CREATE A REALITY OF THE SAME INTENSITY", Alberto Giacometti I have refined taste in art and I am motivated by intellectual discovery. I am more creative than most and I am willing to take risks. I prefer art that is intense and intellectually stimulating - figurative works especially. One in five of us falls into this category.

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