Second work in the Toon series In Private Collection - Jacksonville, FL


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Nira Dabush 7 days ago

Great job MAL.. And what you wanted saying with this Toon...?

Artist Reply: Nira, thank you. The idea developed from trying to balance the order of the panels against the disorder of the abstracts. These two recently posted works were more planned than many, many of my other works. 'Fractured Toon' turned out to be a 'happy accident by some measures. In terms of process and execution it was a huge mess - paint getting under masking tape, tape ripping, spilled (even for me!) paint! The total chaos seems to add to the work.

Elton Houck 7 days ago

novel idea...Sunday Funnies in abstract....Good work!!!

Artist Reply: Thank you. It was one fo those 'what if?' moments that spawned a series of works. I like the order/disorder interplay. On "Fractured Toon' it's total chaos, therefor the title. I hope all is well. Cheers. MAL

Karen Muro Aréchiga 8 days ago

So great !

Artist Reply: Thank you. While a lot of my work is on this site, please consider joining my Insiders at to keep up with what is new! Cheers, MAL