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I feel like this guy looks. Or at least I have for many months. Thankfully, I feel a better on several counts. The two most important being physically and psychologically. This is a 5.5 by 4.5 inch gel pen drawing with color pencil. More of that Original Jones Art as the world opens up in northwest Austin, Texas.


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Ray Steele 5 days ago

AWESOME Looks like me when i get p in the morning

Artist Reply: I notice you left the U off and just typed P, Ray, so maybe you meant to type 'when I get up to pee.' If anything, I can relate to that Hope you are doing great, BTW. :)

Mark Kokopelli Watkins 6 days ago

You look amazingly familiar to me my friend. I'm back after an overload of issues. A great reminder that even though we live with a blanc stare, we are well physically and mentally,...but emotionally, I'm a wreck! ;

Artist Reply: Well, I hope your issues are behind you now, Mark. Yes, I understand completely how an avalanche of negative things can affect one emotionally. Take care and thanks. :)

Maria Anna Machado 6 days ago


Artist Reply: Thank you, Maria! Just keeping my hand in, so to speak. Hope you are doing great. :)

Ginger Lovellette 6 days ago

Love this! Awesome how you manage such expressions with gel pens and colored pencils. Also, I just noticed your "signature". Really imaginative!

Artist Reply: Thank you, Ginger! I came up with my 'signature' back in the 70's. It was a little different then---but you do anything frequently over a long stretch of time, there's bound to be some refinement/simplification. :)