Mega Pheedlot attack

Mega Pheedlot disturbed by a dig team in the forest. Does this giant have a clutch of eggs buried nearby? Keep plenty of salt handy for these mayhem causing, giant mutant gastropods. Your barter town depends on it! These giant mutant slugs can appear in four terrifying size categories: the globulant, which is as big as a horse and roams the wasteland in packs, the towering, long legged and cunning fast feeder, the reclusive but always hungry giant bloater, and finally, the massive, tree sprouting mega pheedlot which won’t tolerate others of its kind and can devour the inhabitants of a whole village in one afternoon. Of ancient design, and once controlled by the oldsters via compliance chips, these now wild predators are the scourge of any region. Hard pressed inhabitants of Epochian era towns frequently plead with passing excavation teams to either drive off or rid them of these creatures, especially as every ten years, a mega and its trailing retinue of smaller specimens arrive along their age old migratory route, and revisit devastation on the populace. Can your dig team contend with these human harvesters, or will they also add their bones and gear to the many indigestible remains within these post-apocalyptic titans? The pheedlot is our 24th Monday Mutant for The Mutant Epoch (TME) Tabletop RPG, and the final freak in this free or ‘pay what you want’ lineup. We’ll be adding these, along with 6 never before seen muties into a new book that will be available in both PDF and print. This 11 page PDF includes illustrations and details on each of the mobile life stages of these horrific, multi-legged mutant monsters, plus 18 mutation options and a generous 2d20 ingested remains ‘treasure’ table. Grab ‘em all here:

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