Dragon Conquest

Alania, an elven thief from (get this) a royal heritage. She fancies herself a pirate and so when I was commissioned to create this portrait I was originally going to have her simply standing on a treasure chest. Things changed obviously.. lol! However, the character's creator (JBourlett) was very patient in waiting for this piece so I decided to add the dragon (a Hegrin Drake actually, from my Sorche storyline) to show Alania's strength and speed and that she gets what she wants one way or the other. Also to continue practicing dragons. I'm getting there. Alania copyright JBourlett artwork and Hegrin Dragon copyright DTaylor


Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest 20 Aug 2006

some of the most awesome work I have ever seen.

Roz Eve 24 Jul 2006

Beautiful work.

Hazel Apricot Sama 29 Jun 2006

This is excellent work. Nice details, proportion. You have done great work at this... truely amazing work.

Chris Williams 26 Jun 2006

this is wonderful well done

David Schumacher 25 Jun 2006

incredible work!