Geocolumns viewed from Serpenterra

I've always had a fascination/fear with/of gigantic monoliths. The idea of a thing so big that it filled the sky, has terrified/intrigued me since childhood when we drove through Newark N.J. (the most foul smelling place on earth) past the oil refineries and I imagined one of those huge 20 story-tall chemical tanks bursting. I think that's what inspired this series. In my adulthood I've tempered the morbid fascination aspect and revised my looming behemoths to majestic monuments, although one always seems to be about to come crashing down. Then looking at them from a distant perspective, standing among a bucolic forest teeming with graceful yet untrustworthy protuberances dangling precariously overhead seemed like the appropriate way to use all this pigmented linseed oil I have lying around. Hey and it put those russian squirrel tails and rabbit skin covered sheets of linen to good use as well.

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Anonymous Guest 28 Apr 2008


Anonymous Guest 13 Apr 2008

Happy Birthday

cathy sharpe 31 May 2007

Toying with words or creative painting, your work is both awesome, such a brilliant sight and mind R. R.

helen tyralik 15 Apr 2007

good imaginative work

Joanna Jungjohann 14 Apr 2007