Devianthropomorbid Fascinakaleidoscope

Unusual markings and strange characters involved in obtuse antics adorn the outer surfaces, all 32 of them, and provide hours of confusion for the kiddies and octegenarians alike while available sunlight or even a flashlight in the hands of a skilled novice, transforms the interior into a jittery holographically protruding light show that will have your three year old asking "why" well into his 30's and you may never have a satisfactory answer. That's how ecclectic, bizzarre and downright mysterious this Hedron is. Instruction manual not included, batteries not needed and pronunciation not required.

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Anonymous Guest

indarto budi 03 Jul 2008

Great coloring!

jamie winter 13 Aug 2007

excellent work RR

Anonymous Guest 25 Apr 2007

This is some far-out shit! The wave of the future. Combines the comic with the classic in an entirely new way!

Anne Vis 18 Apr 2007

Awesome work!

Loredana 18 Apr 2007