A TRIBUTE 2 KLIMPT heya all iv been away 4 the last 7 days ...i was in turkey as my friend was havin his first solo exhibition there and it was a great sucess i was honoured 2 b there for him iv uploaded this painting as it was a kind gesture from him 2 allow me 2 show it at his exhibition his agent was a bit miffed and was not goin 2 allow but as he never does as he is told he insisted 2 my embarrasment i was goin green as they were screamin at oneanother in turkish and i hadn a clu wat was goin on anyway it was allowed ....he has a heart of gold and tryin 2 giv me some exposure over there ...well IT WORKED ...haha i sold it 2 days later to a client of my friends and he has viewed my work on aw as i tol him i was on this site and he has commisioned a landscape piece from me ......klimpt is my favourite artist ever as i just luv his work and style and is earlier stuff b4 he went at bit mad ...his most famous painting ...THE KISS is my favourite as is his TREE OF LIFE ...i hope u all like this piece as this is my TREE OF LIFE in my style and i aint no KLIMPT haha xxxxxxxxxxxxx linda tnxs all 4 havin a look ....this piece looks nicer in the flesh as u probaly noticed im no photographer ....iv put this in the abstract section cause i didnd no where else it shud go please excuse me .........

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Anonymous Guest

Visionary Imagist 15 Nov 2007

Linda: This a nice tribute to a great artist. Your artwork is quite refined. "joey"

vincent vega 09 Oct 2007

this piece made me smile... thanks...

annette steens 08 Aug 2007

a wonderful tribute Linda. to my favourite: Gustav Klimmt!

anirban bora 13 Jun 2007

fantastic work

Tahnja Wolter 10 Jun 2007

Thanks for visiting my piece Linda! Always wonderful to hear from you. This is AWESOME! So glad you sold this one so quickly and that your friend was able to help you get exposure. Bravo